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About Us

Varavo was founded as a socially responsible brand focused on producing simple straightforward products with a higher standard. Fixated on every detail we strive to produce a product which sets the standard for the rest of the industry. Our cannabis oil is processed using fresh flowers from cultivators we know and trust. Using the latest extraction and distillation technology we carefully craft a clean, potent, and consistent product that is rich with a full spectrum of cannabis derived terpenes to allow you to enjoy the unique natural effects of the cannabis plant to guarantee an end-product that meets our higher standards. Products made by Varavo are tested by a licensed independent 3 rd party labs. We go a step further by pulling random products during production to test in-house to ensure safety and consistency.  We go above and beyond to bring standardization to an industry that is still in its infancy. Understanding the challenges ahead, Varavo established its mission, vision and values with consumers in mind.

Our Mission

Our mission which is enduring declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which we weigh our actions and decisions. As a company, we strive to:

  • Inspire moments of optimism and happiness by improving the patient’s quality of life.

  • Create value by creating consistent quality products.

  • Make a difference by providing consumers products designed for safe access.

  • Become a staple in the industry by fostering an environment of higher standards.

Our Vision

Our vision guides every aspect of our brand by describing what we need to accomplish in order to serve the cannabis community.

  • People: Be the brand that inspires society to be the best it can be.

  • Partners: Create a winning network of customer and retailers, together we create mutual, enduring value.

  • Staff: We dare to be different to make a difference.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how Varavo is perceived in the world.

  • Leadership: The courage to shape a better future

  • Collaboration: Leverage collective genius with customers and our retail network

  • Innovation: Staying one step ahead and always pushing the envelope

  • Accountability: Building bridges between customer and products.

  • Integrity: Taking the initiative to stand up for what’s right by being transparent

  • Passion: Committed to perfection

  • Quality: Using a higher standard for everything we do